General Contracting

General Contracting & Project Management

In order to produce the highest quality of work on time and within budget, we provide several levels of project management and contracting services. Each is tailored to the requirements of the individual project.

In-house Construction Services

MIC NY GROUP has the ability to self-perform many phases of construction that other companies farm out. Our in-house crews are comprised of talented carpenters, masons and painters who efficiently produce high quality work on all of our projects.

Project Management Roles

Each project has a Job Foreman, Production Supervisor, and Project Manager assigned to manage each phase of construction. They coordinate their skills, expertise and years of experience to execute each construction project as a team.


For the phases that we do not self-perform, skilled and licensed tradesmen are hired as subcontractors. Our subcontractors all meet strict licensing and insurance requirements and most have been with us through numerous successful projects.